Refractory Removal

LVR is the only refractory installer providing refractory, coating, slag, and scale removal services using KT-Grant demolition equipment. Our highly skilled operators safely perform refractory removal in a wide range of industries including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, minerals processing, and civil demolition.


The BDRE is designed for overhead demolition work and work in confined areas. Its long rotating boom and wireless remote-controlled operation keep operators out of harm's way.

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The KT-10 has a compact design and wireless remote-controlled operation. It comes equipped with an interchangeable boom allowing for versatility while retaining functionality.

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Our excavators have a compact design and are equipped with an enclosed cab to keep operators safe from falling debris. The cab rotates a full 360 degrees allowing for greater mobility in confined areas.

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Remote-controlled Brokk machinery is available in both electric and diesel powered models. It comes equipped with outriggers to provide additional stability on uneven terrain.

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