EAF Steel

LVR provides refractory removal services using KT-Grant equipment for a variety of Steel Industry applications.

Ladle Refractory Maintenance

LVR provides ladle refractory maintenance using GOM-BDRE equipment to efficiently hot clean ladles, removing skulls and refractory material.

Wireless remote-controlled technology allows personnel to work safely at ground level, outside of an equipment cab, with a full view of the inside of the ladle.

LVR’s refractory maintenance service provides careful ladle hot clean and refractory lining removal, eliminating damage to the safety lining. The process typically takes less than one hour to complete.

We also provide porous plug removal, well block and upper nozzle punch out using precision bits.

Ladle Refractory Maintenance

EAF Furnace Lining Patch or Removal

LVR provides furnace refractory lining patch and removal services using GEF-530 top mount machines and GOM-BDRE mobile equipment to accommodate electric arc furnaces with diameters from 10 to 35 feet and capacities up to 400 tons.

Wireless remote-controlled technology allows personnel to work safely from a secure location above the furnace, away from heat and falling debris. There is no need for personnel to enter the furnace at any time.

Careful, controlled material removal extends refractory life during furnace lining patches. The GEF-530 machine typically removes an entire lining in just six to eight hours depending on furnace tonnage, reducing furnace repair downtime significantly.

EBT Taphole Change Out

LVR provides EBT Taphole change out service using specialty engineered KT-Grant systems with a quick-change adapter installed on the GOM-BDRE machine. It efficiently removes the original taphole and inserts a new one, holding it in place for safe installation.

The KT-Grant system eliminates the need for an overhead crane and crane operator and allows personnel to work safely, away from falling molten metal.

Taphole removal typically takes three to five minutes and the entire taphole change out process takes just 20 to 30 minutes, increasing production availability and gaining one additional heat per taphole change. This precision process also eliminates surround block damage.

EBT Taphole Change Out