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Refractories.  Industrial Insulation.  General Maintenance.  LVR, Inc. is a leader providing these services to the U.S. industrial market. Our services are sought by major industrial companies, including principals in the minerals processing, power generation, metal processing and general industrial markets.

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Our Services

Our Services

Refractory Services

LVR’s core business is the distribution and installation of refractory materials. Managing the refractory portion of a significant retrofit or plant expansion can be a major undertaking. LVR performs all services needed to ensure a high quality lining at a low installed cost. In many cases, we do it for less than if you managed the project yourself. Our project managers understand your equipment and processes. They will work with you to carefully select the proper materials and develop innovative installation methods that meet your schedule and cost requirements.

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Industrial Insulation

Insulation is key to any heat-generating facility. A well-designed insulation lining will not only reduce energy costs, it will enhance plant safety. LVR provides professional, efficient industrial insulation linings for multiple industrial applications. LVR field personnel are cross-trained in multiple tasks and disciplines, which lower overhead and final cost to our customers. Read More »


General Industrial Services

LVR does more than just refractories and insulation. Due to our experience, innovation, and safety, customers rely on us to provide cost-effective, quality general maintenance services as well. Our field personnel are craftsmen cross-trained in a variety of construction-trade skills. They are already plant, OSHA and MSHA trained, so you do not have to qualify additional companies and personnel to receive high quality maintenance services at low costs. Read More »


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