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Refractories.  Industrial Insulation.  General Maintenance.  LVR, Inc. is a leader providing these services to the U.S. industrial market. Our services are sought by major industrial companies, including principals in the minerals processing, power generation, metal processing and general industrial markets.

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Power Generation

Power generation encompasses a wide range of plants, including traditional utility power plants, circulatory fluidized beds, waste-to-energy plants, and alternative fuel plants. Facilities utilizing steam will benefit from our industrial insulation services.

Our Power Generation Services include:

  • Advanced brick lining systems for cyclones and ducts
  • Complete boiler scaffold services
  • Boiler wall tile supply & installation
  • Insulation of pipes, valves, heat exchangers and ducts.
  • Warehouses stocked with refractory repair and maintenance products for immediate delivery
  • 24/7 response time for repairs


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