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Refractories.  Industrial Insulation.  General Maintenance.  LVR, Inc. is a leader providing these services to the U.S. industrial market. Our services are sought by major industrial companies, including principals in the minerals processing, power generation, metal processing and general industrial markets.

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LVR, Inc. supplies our customers with the finest, most advanced refractory materials by creating strategic alliances with some of the best manufacturers in the world. These alliances allow us to obtain the best product for your application, at a competitive price, whenever and wherever you need it.

LVR, Inc.’s engineers work closely with our refractory suppliers to ensure the best mix of advanced technology, consistent material quality and premium support personnel.

Below is a partial list of our suppliers.

logo-harbison Harbison-Walker Refractories
ANH Refractories Company is a family of companies that sells and services under the well-recognized trade, service and brand names: A.P. Green, North American Refractories Company, and Harbison-Walker.
logo-pgc Pryor Giggey Refractories
Pryor Giggey Co. is a Trusted Manufacturer of High Quality Refractory Products for Over 60 Years. Offerings include Conventional and Low Cement Castables, Gunning Castables, Plastics, Mortars, and Dry Vibratables. Pryor Giggey’s active program of development and testing enables us to create and produce a solution that meets the specific requirements needed by a customer.
logo-united United Refractories
United Refractories offers a wide array of solutions that include dry vibratables, ramming mixes, castables, shotcretes, pumpables, gunning mixes, maintenance coatings,and precast shapes.
logo-thermal-ceramics Thermal Ceramics
Thermal Ceramics is a division of the Morgan Crucible Company plc in the UK. Thermal Ceramics supplies intelligent engineered insulation solutions to a diverse range of markets and end users, and is the clear market leader in core products of Insulating Fibres and Insulating Firebricks and Monolithics.
logo-bnz BNZ Materials
BNZ Materials manufactures, and is a worldwide supplier of a range of specialty industrial insulations for petrochemical, electrical, aluminum, steel, ovens, glass, furnace, ceramics, fire protection and other industries. Marinite/Transite and CS85 non-asbestos calcium silicate structural insulations have been manufactured continuously at Billerica, Massachusetts for over 60 years. BNZ Insulating Fire Brick have been manufactured continuously at Zelienople, Pennsylvania for over 60 years and the BNZ s.a. plant in Plemet, France has been in operation for more than 70 years.
logo-pocono-fab Pocono Fabricators
Pre-Krete® products have been providing protection to steel and concrete substrates from the corrosive and abrasive effects of harsh environments for over 50 years. Chemical resistant to alkaline and acidic conditions, Pre-Krete® remains a effective solution to extend the life expectancy of equipment and reduce down time due to unanticipated failures.
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